pdf-split-mergeAdobe Acrobat Pro is a widely used program to create new PDF files for personal or business purposes. It also provides several functions for managing PDF documents such as split, merge, protect and convert PDF files as per the user need. But it is a paid solution so everyone can not afford this for the purpose of PDF split and merge etc.

Still demo edition of the tool can be used to combine or divide PDF files which is available free of cost for 30 day trial. Download free trial. (No need if you have already installed Acrobat Pro on your PC)

Note: Once you download the tool, install on your PC and launch the program.

Split PDF Files by Using Acrobat Pro Application

  • Open your PDF file with Adobe Acrobat tool and go to View >> Tools and then Pages.
    split pdf with acrobat pro
  • Now select split document from the list available on the page section.
    split documents
  • Now a Split document dialog box will open. Choose the setting.break pdf files
  1. Number of Pages
  2. File Size
  3. Top Level – Bookmarks
  • Click Output Options to provide a destination location to save the split PDF files.

Merge PDF Files by using Acrobat Pro Tool

  • Open you Arcbat 11 pro and Choose Combine Files into PDF from the Insert Pages subsection under the Pages section in the Tools Pane.
    combine pdf documents


  • Click on the Create button in the toolbar >> Choose Combine Files into a Single PDF.
    merge adobe pdf files
  • Click on the Add Files button and locate PDF files which you want to combine
    add pdf files
  • From the Options dialogue box, select file type “Single PDF”. You can also choose other options as per need. Now press Ok
    merge pdf free
  • In the next step, click on the Combine Files button on the lowermost of the Combine Files dialogue box.

Benefits of using the Tool:

  1. Complete data accuracy maintained
  2. Provides several helpful functions

The Drawbacks of using Acrobat 11 Pro:

  1. Not a free program (free for 30 days only)
  2. Installation is required

Split and Merge PDF files using Free Online Tools

There are several browser based applications which allow splitting or merging PDF files online in a few clicks. I am introducing two such web based program which I used earlier and found so helpful for splitting a large PDF file in separate pages. Just Have a look at the suggested online services which may help you for the same.

Online Tool to Split PDF Documents

This is absolutely free tool which allows splitting PDF files into number of PDF files as per your need. Open this  online PDF split tool to start the process.

  • Click on the Choose File button to Browse your PDF file
  • Select maximum number of pages do you want in a single PDF file
  • Finally Click on the Upload button.
  • The tool will automatically split PDF files into required PDF documents. Download and save them.

Online Tool to Merger Two PDF Files

One more similar application I found from the same website which helps me to combine two PDF files into one document. Open Online PDF merge tool by clicking on the link.

  • Click on the Choose File buttons to add two PDF files
  • Now click on the upload button.
  • It will take a few seconds to merge PDF files and will confirm to save combined PDF file.

Benefits of using Online tools:

  1. No Need to download or install the program
  2. We an use the tools on Windows, MAC and other OS
  3. Absolutly free service (no hidden charges)

The Drawbacks of using Online tools:

  1. Internet connection is required
  2. Only work on web based browsers
Final Words:

I have explained my own experience which may helpful for those who are looking for methods to split or merge Adobe PDF files. The first method  is paid (available free for trial) and the second one is absolutely free browser based solution. So now its totally depends on you that which one you want to use for yourself. If you have any doubts or want to share your feedback then feel free to put a comment below.